How To Select An Indoor House Plant

So you are ready to bring home an indoor plant!

Choose a good nursery that specializes in indoor plants. You will find there are many varieties to pick from so have some idea of the size and type you want and possible placement in your house. Before you even go to the nursery, write down where you plan to put these new plants and some general notes on the lighting, temperature and size required. For example if you are going to put it in an empty corner — is it one of the cooler or warmer spots in the house? does it get direct sunlight or indirect? does it get southern exposure to the sun or north, east, west? do you want to put the plant right on the floor or are you going to use a high planter? All this will help you narrow down your choices. Be prepared to ask many questions before you buy – use the nursery experts to make appropriate decisions.

Once you have selected the plant species, look at the specific plant very closely. You want to check the leaves, flowers and buds. You can easily check for disease or insect infestation by inspecting the undersides of leaves and the axil. The plant should look healthy to the eye with full, sturdy foliage. The shape should be balanced and evenly covered with leaves. The leaves should be clean but not shiny which is artificial polish applied to give it the healthy glow. It just means this plant already has problems and it is looking artificial while you wanted a real plant. If the leaves look yellow, have brown edges, spots, blotches or are wilted, it is clearly not the one to take home. If you are looking at flowering plants, select ones with new flowers and buds.

Good Luck !