Indoor Gardening With Foliage Plants

Plants grown primarily for their leaf characteristics and utilized for interior decoration or landscape purposes are called foliage plants. As our society becomes more urban, living plants as part of the interior landscape increases. The use of live foliage plants brings individuals closer to an outdoor type of environment, and the large variety of plants gives us the opportunity to select species that will serve as attractive additions to interior decor. Foliage plants are excellent for indoor culture since they are able to survive environmental conditions unfavourable to many other plants.

Most avid gardeners continue to grow plants year-round. We start seeds in the living room, grow ferns in the bathroom, bring in begonias from the outdoor garden year after year, and have pots of herbs in the kitchen. Today there are so many interesting plants that can be grown indoors that there’s simply no reason for a gardener not to be surrounded by plants all year-round. Everyone can grow foliage plants indoors with little effort if the right plant is used in the right location. Large-leaved species such as rubber plants (Ficus elastica), Monstera deliciosa, dumb-cane (Dieffenbachia amoena), and Philodendron are especially suited to commercial building interiors. They provide the size required to make them focal points in interior landscaping. These large leaved-plants as well as the smaller specimens such as ferns, vines, and ivies can serve a similar purpose in the home or apartment.

Foliage Plants Popular in Every Garden

Most of the houseplants indoor gardeners choose these days are foliage plants, as opposed to flowering plants. Though the flowering varieties may be more striking, their leafy cousins more than make up for this lack of show with their easy maintenance. They are often simple to grow and propagate and adapt easily to almost any environment.

Able to thrive year-round, foliage plants are the foundation of almost every indoor garden. There are plenty to choose from, too, as foliage plants come in hundreds upon hundreds of types, from which thousands of hybrids and varieties are derived. A seemingly endless selection of sizes, shapes, leaf forms and leaf colors are available for the home gardener to choose from. However, if you want the most low-maintenance among the foliage plants, choose a Kangaroo Vine, a Maranta or a Pandanus. Each may be grown in any part of the country and is available almost everywhere.