Singapore is a leading commercial hub in the Asian cub-continent. It has one of the busiest ports, a trading centre; it’s a core center of several industries and thus an opening for European and American investors in the Asia pacific. It is regarded as one of the “cleanest and greenest”, with the highest standard of living in Asia. This is only because of the presence of a highly industrialized business sector, multinational companies, excellent port facilities, land communication system, airport and sea links connecting the country with the rest of the world, highly mechanized work atmosphere and so on. One of the most leading industries here is automotive industry.

The automotive industry in Singapore is one of the biggest and sophisticated in Asia and also in the world which provides the latest technology not only to the fast growing multinational companies in the country but also to the global market. Some of the world’s biggest automobile manufacturing companies largely depend on the vautomotive industry of Singapore.

The automotive industry in Singapore has shown a great potential for growth over the last few decades and has also helped in strengthening the country’s trade relations with Europe and America. The high quality of the automotive parts provided by the automotive industry of Singapore, make global companies, especially the ones in Europe and America heavily rely upon them. The kind of automotive parts that the companies in Singapore largely deal with are leather seats for vehicles, panels to control temperature, brake systems, music systems, metal stamped and plastic parts for the interior of the vehicles, metal and plastic parts for the body of the vehicles and for the door lock system, wipers and so on.

There are also companies, which manufacture two wheelers and three wheelers, and this section of automotive industry is also growing at a fast pace. But it is the automotive and engineering industry that is the driving force behind Singapore’s leading global industrial market. The companies in Singapore have great propositions for the global automotive market. Some of them are:
Solutions for global manufacturing processes
High quality design of tools and manufacture
Mechanical assembly of parts in a clean room
Coveted vendor status.

Singapore is a prime choice for investors who are looking forward to invest in Asia, with the automotive industry being one of the hottest options for investment